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The Interview Series

Firstly, I just wanted to acknowledge the sad news of the Lisa Marie Presley's passing, further adding to the tragedy for the Presley family over the years. I've had plenty of contact from friends of the museum to share stories and reminisce over a few stories pertaining to Lisa Marie and Elvis.

Today I was fortunate to have a visit from my son and grandchildren. As a pleasant surprise, Tahlia, cousin of my grandchildren and from Townsville in Australia also came to visit. The kids had the idea of doing a series of short interview questions to put on my social media channels (that they help me run). Raya directed and came up with the questions, Etana was behind the filming and uploading to Instagram while Tahlia asked me the hard questions ;-)

Here's the behind the scenes actions from the set...

Here's a quickfire question from today, follow my Instagram page for future Q&A


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