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If you would like to visit the pride and joy of Hawera’s Tourism Industry, please feel free to make an appointment with Kevin.

Please note though, we are a private museum and would prefer if you make a telephone appointment before visiting in order to arrange times convenient for both you and our family.

If you’re wanting to write to Kevin, have a go here:
PO Box 455
51 Argyle Street
Hawera 4640

Alternatively you may ring the South Taranaki Promotions Office:
Hawera +64 6 278 8599

There are often special open days for the museum, details of which may be obtained either from Kevin Wasley or the South Taranaki Promotions Office.

There is no entry charge for visitors, however a donation towards the upkeep of the museum would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re travelling along Main South Road through Hawera, The Elvis Presley Memorial Record Room is AA signposted and can be easily located by the large Graceland Mural and Museum sign at 51 Argyle Street Hawera.

51 Argyle St, Hawera
Taranaki, 4610
New Zealand

+64 27 498 2942

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