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Interview With Tim Roxborogh

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Uncertain times for sure around the world at the moment. Thankfully for us here in New Zealand we have had no new cases of COVID-19 for 10 days now and only one active case. Provided we don't get any new cases (which seems unlikely at this stage), New Zealand is on the brink of becoming the first country in the world that has been significantly affected by Covid-19 and to eliminate all cases. Our health response has been amazing but the economic impact can't be underestimated. Our economic rebuild needs to be swift and there's huge encouragement for Kiwi's to get out and see their own country to support local businesses while our borders are closed.

We're now in alert level 2 which allows travel around the country but limiting groups to no more than 100 people. The good news here is the museum is open for business and we've already had a bunch of visitors though. All going to plan we'll be at alert level 1 soon which is close to normal with the exception of international borders still being closed.

This evening on local talk back radio station Newstalk ZB, several people had mentioned the museum as being a place to get out and see. One of the callers gave me a heads up so I gave Tim Roxborogh, the host, a buzz on the old dog-and-bone.

Thankfully my quick thinking son jumped online and recorded the interview. If you'd like to have a listen, check it out here: Listen to interview with Tim Roxborogh

It was a great chat with Tim, you can check him out on Facebook here. Hopefully I'll get to see him later this year at the museum.

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