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May Music Month

It's May Music Month here in New Zealand, a time to celebrate music from New Zealand and the people that make it. In anticipation for May Music Month I got a visit from Anna Sarjeant, Deputy Editor for Travel at NZ Herald.

It was great spending time with Anna in the museum and able to share my passion of not just Elvis, but some of those great NZ musicians we have. You know who they are: John Rowles, Johnny Devlin, Johnny Cooper, Dalvanius Prime, Prince Tui Teka, Dragon, OpShop, Flight of the Conchords, The Datsuns, Split Endz, Th' Dudes, Shihad, Crowded House, The Chills, The Exponents, Six60, LAB, the list goes on!

I'm honored that over the years I've had many of those great musicians swing by the museum and spin a yarn and to also have great Dalvanius Prime (aka Big D) as an amazing family friend but who left us way too soon.

Dalvanius and the Patea Māori Club are well known for Poi E and bringing life and focus to the small South Taranaki community of Pātea and the tough times they were going through in the mid '80s when the freezing works shut down there. Poi E is a Kiwi icon of a song that is timeless. Who's another Kiwi icon? Taika Waititi! Check out some early Taika and Poi E goodness if you want a bit of a giggle.

You can catch the article that Anna wrote here.


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