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I'm Not The Only One With a "Studio"

What are the sayings? "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" or "you're just like your father"! We'll it looks like that is scarily true! I have three sons, all in their 40's (well, only just for one of them!) and one seems to have followed in my footsteps a bit.

Greg, my middle son, lives up in New Plymouth, a lovely coastal city on the west coast of the North Island, also under the shadow of the mighty Mount Taranaki. Greg was recently profiled in for his "man cave". Greg's a sports mad nutter and just like his old man has converted his garage into his very own "studio". While I have my shrine to The King in my garage, Greg has a collection of sports memorabilia and collectables from across the years and the globe.

What a "chip of the old block", great to see Greg wanting to be just like his old man! ;-)

Read Greg's story here.

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