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And Now Tim's Visit...

If you haven't had the chance yet, go have a listen to the interview I did with Tim Roxborogh. Tim threatened he'd have to come visit and wow, a man of his word. Tim, his wife Aimee and little Riley were at the museum within a couple of weeks. We're at level 1 from a lock down perspective now which is open travel around the country, but borders closed. Tim and family doing their bit to get out, see our country and help our economy!

We had a blast catching up and Tim's knowledge of music history was astounding, we could have talked for hours, actually I think we did...

Make sure you listen to Tim on NewsTalkZB, hosting the Weekend Collective from 3pm - 6pm with Tim Beveridge, yup, the two Tims.

Thanks again for the visit Tim, it was my pleasure hosting you and your family. And thanks for the social media goodness!

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