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An oldie but a goodie - rare record find

You know it's a slow news day in our beautiful nation when I make the front page of one of our biggest online newspapers A few weeks back I was privileged to have an extremely rare record donated to the museum.

My now good friend Dr Ron Newtown from Oamaru in the South Island found this 1955 record which was pressed in New Zealand. The record has a collection of artists including Elvis, released before The King was well known. The album, E-Z Country Programming No. 2 is extremely rare and would be hard to put a price to it.

Ron found this gem in a second hand store and was expecting to have to send it overseas to ensure it got the TLC it deserved. Thankfully Ron's online searching lead him my way and a new home for this rare find.

Check out the article here and watch the short video I did for


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