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Happy Birthday King

I've been a little quiet on here lately, time just seems to fly by quickly. I couldn't let today go by though without making note of The King's birthday today, he'd be 84 today.

As you can expect there are some decent celebrations happening in Graceland all this week. Birthday week at Graceland started on January 5th and will conclude today, his birthday. It ain't cheap though, the VIP tickets going for USD$1,299 each! If you're interested you can see what they had on offer here.

To celebrate The King's birthday I'll be having a quite Budweiser tonight out in the museum and put on a few tunes and think about how Elvis fundamentally changed music for generations so many years back.

I'm not sure if I posted this previously but there is a live stream of Graceland that you can watch here. A great way to see what's happening at Graceland at any point in time.

We've also had a great influx of visitors to the museum and website over this holiday period. It's great meeting people from all over the world and seeing who's hitting the website. We've have people from 36 countries checking the website since 1 December 2018.

As you might expect nearly half of these web visits are from Kiwi's, but interestingly enough in second place with 20% is Brazil, followed by Italy (5%), USA (4.5%) and our Aussie cuzzies (3%). This is for the last month, the breakdown for the last year is a little different:

Have a great day celebrating with The King!

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