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The Mad Butcher

For any of you league fans out there or even those that know a good saussie when you see one, me old mate Sir Peter Leitch swung by.

Sir Peter is a battler, one hell of a good bloke and the face of the New Zealand Vodafone Warriors, he’s even considered the 19th Warrior. Sir Peter is an avid Elvis fan just like me, he even admits it on his own website!:

In his teenage years, Peter went through an Elvis phase (some would say he’s still going through it). With every strand of hair oiled into a perfect Elvis quiff, he used to click his fingers and jive-talk his Dad, who wasn’t particularly impressed with rock ‘n’ roll.

Sir Peter and Dexter joined us for the afternoon and we shared stories and spent time in the museum talking about the origins of the various pieces in the collection.

Thanks for the visit Sir Peter and Dexter!

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