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The generations...

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Nearly 40 years after one of my visits to Graceland, my granddaughters stand on the same ground! Who would have thunk it?

Back in 1979 I made a pilgrimage to Graceland. At that stage I had two boys, David aged 6 and Greg 2. Little Christopher Elvis Wasley was still 2 years away. I still remember that trip like it was yesterday, even though the old brain can get a little befuddle these days! One of the highlights of that trip was spending some time talking to “Uncle” Vester Presley, Elvis’s Uncle who worked in the gate house at Graceland. Here’s a much younger me chatting to Vester from 1979.

Uncle Vester passed away aged 82 on January 17, 1997. Coincidently, my grandson Kahn who recently toured Graceland was born January 17 (2006).

Nearly 40 years later I had my proud “Poppa Woz” moment when my son Dave took his family to Graceland. There’s some detail of his family’s visit to Graceland in a post here and their stop at Elvis’s birthplace, Tupelo, here.

It was amazing to see the photos from Dave that he sent me one night (isn’t that Internet thing wiz-bang?) with his two girls standing not far from where I had the above conversation with Uncle Vester. Kind of shows the test of time and the impact Elvis has had on the generations.


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