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Where it all ended

Dave and family toured Graceland on Boxing Day (in the US). Nearly 30 years since I was last there my son and family get to experience what I did all those years ago.

Dave had a VIP pass (which just means they paid more!) that gave them access to other displays and and to go through the mansion as many times as they wanted during that day. All up Dave and family spent 6 hours at Graceland and the accompanying Graceland Plaza. The Plaza is the main ticketing area, numerous gift shops, the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog planes, automobile museum and a collection of other displays like Elvis’ Tupelo and Elvis’ Hawaii.

The guided tour of Graceland is done via an iPad. Each ticket holder is given an iPad and head phones and the app on the iPad is narrated by John Stamos (or Full House fame and well known Elvis lover) with photos, video and audio from Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa Marie, it’s really well done.

Graceland is still decorated in the late 70’s sty;e as Elvis had it. The only material changes were some Xmas decorations (Elvis loved Xmas) and the curtains, in the Xmas spirit, were changed to red, from their usual blue. You can only tour the downstairs of the mansion. Upstairs is out of bounds in respect to The King and family. That was always Elvis’ private space.

This pic is of Dave and his two girls outside the mansion, once they had concluded the tour.

All up Dave got over 380 photos of various parts of the mansion and displays.

His visit has only further rekindled my desire to get back there.

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