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American friends (and a bit of a coincidence)

I had some great friends come and visit us on the 24th September. Jeff and Kristen were travelling around our fine country and called by the museum for a bit of a look.

I really appreciated them going out of their way to come and see my collection. I received a nice note from Jeff after their visit with a link to their Instagram page with a few pics (here and here) stitched together from their visit to the museum.

Now this is where things get freaky. My son (Dave) helps me with this web site so we sent him the links to the Instagram site so he could include them in a post. He jumped on their Instagram page and recognised a couple of photos immediately!

Dave lives 260km (3.5 hours drive) away in Wellington. The day prior he and a bunch of friends from work took a lunch time ride on their motorbikes and had lunch at The Bach and Jeff and Kristen were at the window seat immediately next to Dave, none the wiser they were about to head to his old man’s Elvis Museum! Small world ehh!

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