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Sharing with the Generations

Updated: May 4, 2020

Some of you will be aware I have a granddaughter (Etana) based down in Wellington who, amongst other things, is one of those creative types. As part of her NCEA studies she has decided to do a portfolio on me and the museum.

With her schooling, dance and work (she teaches dance classes), she doesn't have a lot of discretionary time so made a day trip to the museum with her dad (my son), 4 hours each way!. She spent a few hours taking numerous photos and putting up with me telling her about the history of many of the pieces I have in the museum. I must admit it's great being able to share my passion with the next generation...

She's only just started but already has some drawings on the go. The one below shows the source photo, the early work, and then part way to completion. I can't wait until it's done and able to see the finish product.

Etana also got a giggle out of some of the early pics of me that you can find on my photo boards. Must admit, this one of me was quite a few years ago now, a young Elvis wanna-be!!!

Times definitely move on, and some things slowly start to fall apart and decay, just like the wagon wheel out the front of the museum. But it'll be the new generations that are coming though that will help keep some of past alive and well. I can't wait to see the final portfolio from Etana!

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